March 10, 2010

Gesher Gadol - The Explanation

Yesterday we posted a poem titled "Gesher Gadol" which I am really excited about. A little explanation.. I was having a hard time coming up with the perfect title, but I finally landed on Great Gesher, because to me it really is about the crossings we make in life. In Hebrew Gesher means bridge. While discussing this with The Photographer I also realized that great/big in Hebrew is gadol. This excited me to absolutely no end, as many of our readers will know I am a true lover of alliteration and this poem's title is alliterated in both Hebrew and English and a mix between the two!

Alternative titles include:
Big Bridge
Great Gesher
and Gesher Gadol.

Hope you are all having a wonderful time doing whatever it is that you do.
Posts and Poems and Photos to come!
Much Love,
The Poet

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