April 10, 2010

Day 96 - Pinstriped Impostor

Pinstriped Impostor

Want a taste of freedom?
I'll give you a taste
In this wretched kingdom
All else has been a waste
You see the paint sprayed there?
That ought to make you stop and stare.

Stare at what you destroyed
When you kept too much for you,
Leaving only the concrete void
Onto which I boldly drew.
The honesty brought by your lies,
And you stand there so surprised?

You: the rich and pompous one
Pin striped suit and briefcase,
Nothing you can do will stun
That which is upon my face
Into something better yet
Or do you so easily forget?

You laid down in my life
All that society calls clean
But all you brought in was strife
Masking the dark, unseen
So you could walk straight
Never heaving to stop and wait

Wait for money, life or help
Search for some holy and true love
Only ignore the anguished yelp
Asking for something from above
You don't stop not for me
Only for your god, conformity

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