April 11, 2010

Day 97 - Time's Brothers

Time's Brothers

Reflecting upon one another
Are the old and younger brother
Who stand proud in the square
Across from each other there
One tells a tale much to bright
That bounces around with light
The flat and modern point of view
That few can openly flee to
The eldest has wisdom in stone
Many memories as people atone
For all the bad that went before
It knows so much more
Of grief and sadness, fighting thoughts
Of the most vile of draughts
That bring on haggard reality
And the unrelenting pity
Of generations to come some day
Flat and shiny as they say
Telling the tale in another tongue
That is the power of the young
These two brothers live together
Bonded by an eternal tether
Which keeps time in everything
Be it old or new and sparkling

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