May 24, 2010

Day 140 - Fey Folk

In every droplet is true life
Concentrated in delicate wings
Music from a minute fife
Accompanies as a fairy sings
Bringing color into sight
The ultimate masters of light

Every single drop of the fountain
Is a reflection of a tiny fey
Every snowflake on every mountain
Rejuvenates this truth day to day
Our hope is in their gentle touch
Their sparkling eyes say so much

Hinted at in tinkling tones
Is the earth formed by tiny forms
Even the quiet dark stones
Washed away by thunder storms
All resonate in a sweet melody
Played swiftly and truly free

When our world is created
By the beauty of tiny fair folk
We walk the path fated
By time and life's bright yolk
For when true color they bring
Life reignites in everything

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