May 29, 2010

Day 145 - Central Park

Amidst sky-scraping fingers of steel
An oasis of green has sprung
Encouraging man to once again feel
To appreciate notes once sung 
In your arms I feel protection 
Of the supporting variety 
Calling with your tales others in 
Spun with breathtaking piety 
The history of how we all begin 
Calling us all in, calling us kin 

Can you remember the day we first came, 
Into this paradise of air giving trees? 
When you first uttered my nickname 
For the doors to your heart you gave me the keys. 
The pigeons saw our special exchange 
The park bench gave us a place to sit 
This place has witnessed my growth and change 
In a bosom of embrace this is it 
The place man and machine break 
The ultimate display of give and take

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