May 30, 2010

Day 146 - We Are

They define who they think we are
Claiming we live in our own worlds
But here is the truth in who we are
We embrace more and bow less
We pull each other closer by far
Loving one another for who we are

They announce what we young ones think
That the world lives in glowing boxes
And is caged on glowing screens that shrink
Shrinking as time moves forward evermore
They do not understand that we are a link
Linking together in the time of a blink

Misunderstanding, they stop the stream
One that used to flow with knowledge
So that they can haughtily deem
All that we will be or so they think
But not matter how strong they seem
They cannot, will not, stop each dream

Dreams that tie nations together
In understanding and technology
Hopes that act as the ultimate tether
When our arms are too short to reach
Some tiny instant will one day last forever
That day we will stand strong, one, together

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