May 31, 2010

Day 147 - Memorial - anything to help preserve the memory of a person or event

The red is your old best friends dress
The last time you were back home
Maybe it reminds you when your troop was in duress
And yet all you could do was as a survivor roam
I wish the wreath was for the wintry Christmas holiday
All of those when you could not be here
But instead it represents things you can no longer say
Because they sent you straight to heaven my dear

I like to see the blue as the car you used to drive
Laughing with your hands in the air, so free
Memories like those, when we felt most alive
That is what the blue helps me to see
The ribbons would match your brand new bike
That we took turns on when we were young
Remember when we took them on that hike?
Can you still hear the topmost bell that we rung?

Finally the white comes easiest to me
It is the shade of the perfect dove
It speaks of peace so simply
It sings out my heart's love
That keeps your memory fresh even now
With the stone in place that begins to show wear
A long time ago we stopped asking how
Now I put these flowers to show I remember and care

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