June 2, 2010

Day 149 - Too Quiet and Old

In a quiet old room, sit two quiet old chairs
Much too old and quiet to encourage more stares
But once upon a time long ago that pot
Was formed by hands so very well taught
The woman who made it fashioned that lace
With meticulous care and hands full of grace
Those chairs that you see where made by a man
One who ardently did all that one can
To build the perfect home for his one and only
So if he ever need leave she would not be lonely
By that bright window they held their first child
And many more who came after keeping life wild
Very little is the house old and quiet anymore
Rushing and bustle with grandchildren is in store
But every once in a while a great hush can be found
Then husband and wife sit old and quiet around
The table and chairs and soft worn old lace
Lovingly their hands make a sweet embrace
He whispers to her, "I know we are quiet and old
But ours is the best love story ever told."

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