June 21, 2010

Day 168 - Au Naturel

Layer me up but in the end I'm au naturel
I was there lying in the very first garden
Just like us all I have secrets to tell
And I am too proud to beg your pardon
I filter light into angelic arches
To the beat of my drum my soul marches

The green that you see comes from above and below
With so much energy and zest I am created
Uniquely and spiritually I continue to grow
I believe in the path I make, not one that is fated
It is true I am only one leaf on the tree
But still I choose to live just as I wish to be

So even in a world where I seem transparent
I am front and center in my life's rushing wind
With many a message I joyously sent
Never in the state of mind to be straightened
I am proudly au naturel, the ruler of my belief
Though on this tree, I am more than just another leaf

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