June 22, 2010

Day 169 - Days We’re Supposed to Remember

Walking through the traditional processional that swells
Cheering and noble marches are the dominant sound
Flowers in the arms of girls and on boys in the lapels
Smiles and the flashing of cameras all around
But what will you remember of the crowd
The voices that call out from families so proud

The time will come when you will look back
At these photographs with laughing eyes
There is nothing that the moment will lack
And in it you may even discover a surprise
That someone younger, yet wiser will note
And in your reminiscing you will joyfully dote

You see the days we are meant to remember
They stay in extraordinary ways, without reason
Some with the faintest glow of a dying ember
But often more like the one forgotten season
Of our life that is only in the taste of the air
Or in the color of the blossoms once everywhere

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