June 24, 2010

Day 171 - Promise of Horrors

Layer me up in blankets of black
That creep with shadows as their name
Tell the fools I am never coming back
That nothing will ever be the same
Windows will shutter themselves tight
Blocking out the once welcoming light

I will move slyly onward sill to sill
Cloaked in disguises they can never break
Doing whatever it is that I will
For none but my very own sake
Black and soaring as the crow
Transforming all that they used to know


  1. This is quite the work of art, your combined words and visions... I must admit, I am envious of the opportunity the two of you have created for yourselves. Keep up the art. It's a bright spot on the dull surface that is my life. =)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words... It means a lot to hear feedback on a project we have both devoted so much time to, that the feedback is positive is only a plus. We will work diligently to keep you entertained, hope to hear from you soon!
    ~The Poet