June 25, 2010

Day 172 - Close Your Eyes

I see you, looking in for an answer
But I doubt you really need and crave it
You think if you find it things will be easier
Like if you can get the right light you could save it
Or rather me, from whatever plagues me into black
But darling you are traveling down the wrong track

I am locked in a world of dark corners and jokes
Where clowns taunt and tease me until I frown
And in that place there are pushes and pokes
And many other ways to bring you down
But I know a secret that keeps me calm
The way to keep going without any harm

I close my eyes shut and look at nothing
But the dreams where you hold me how you love me
There are no nightmares that they can bring
That can pull me away from all that swirls above me
A ballad of magic and true loves alliance
Makes me smile as together we dance

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