July 1, 2010

Day 178 - Time's Flame Consumes

Completion comes in moments lost
Where mere minutes pay the total cost
One hour means more than you can fathom
Mastered by the reality of a greater sum
Than what matches the endless pages
For eternity lasts in spiraling ages
When counting is meaningless because a word
Is better written and longer lasting than if heard
Cinders remain marked gray and ancient
Flames licked harshly and grew impatient
Yet time outdid the mighty quest for paper
Leaving angry smoke instead of soft vapor
The single white remainder means we go on
Given our crown to be the queen no longer a pawn
That is manipulated shamelessly about
Instead time dares to reform its own doubt
Empowering mere moments to be found
With powerful words strewn upon the ground
Stating old things newly acclaimed
Seemingly complete yet never truly tamed

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