July 2, 2010

Day 179 - Silver Messages

Melt me a message in silver goblets
Matching the massive pouring rain droplets
They relinquish the dying world of heat
When rushing down to the ground they greet
Pooling riches and treasures unknown
Like a rich tapestry meticulously sewn
Silver thread has magical qualities though
That gold can only ever pretend to know
Royalty in the focus of failures once found
Yet also the cheering of crowds welcome sound
The wisdom of rain knows this all to well
And in spiraling drops a precious tale to tell
Like once upon a time arabian knights
A proud dashing youth to sooth your frights
Remember you promised me hopes of gold
But we both know that it is best they be sold
To leave space for the silver treat of you smile
For it is my favorite tool you use to beguile
Me into the storm that rushes down outside
Filling me up with hope and laughter inside

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