July 5, 2010

Day 182 - Blue Lion

Across the sky comes a new light
A lion of brilliant blue so proud
One of extraordinary might
And a roar a thousand screams loud
That booms across the great plain
As the lion shakes his electric main

Below his pride runs in arches
Of light that sparkle and ignite
Led by lionesses it marches
Onward forever into the fight
That trees surround in mystery
Creating for excited cubs new history

The cubs you see look on excited
At all they will one day grow up to be
The passionate fire in their soul ignited
Glowing bright for all below to see
These lions live in the heavens and stars
As far away on most days as Mars

Yet on some nights they visit again
Their stories are told by many across earth
Originally across China's vast plain
Was the tale of their cycling rebirth
Started with a fuse from down below
Stars from up above join the show

They zoom and boom, roars reaching out
To touch the souls of children delighted
Who dance and laugh, and gleefully shout
Especially when the king is sighted
For he only exists all other days in their heads
When they dream up wonders, tucked snug in beds

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