July 17, 2010

Day 194 - Gravity Giving Out

One day gravity gave out on me
So I floated high up for all to see
Like a balloon against the sky so blue
Up and away I went and the farther I flew
The more I missed the blue flowers down there
And all the hugs that show how much people care

You see on the ground I could dance and sing
Songs like the classic "I don't wanna miss a thing"
But that means much more when you are high in the clouds
Far away from the rock concert thriving crowds
Or the smell of your mother's chicken soup secrets
And the cuddling of your many panting and happy pets

It seemed so thrilling being like a bird so high
Waving as airplanes passed me in the sky
But only until I saw the passengers happily land
And the people on the beach, toes in the sand
Flight is a blessing many wish for when they are young
But the magic of Earth is the most melodious song unsung

The amazing trees rooted deep into the ground
The screeching yet beautifully renewing sound
Of a babe barely born into this place
And the sweat covering a laughing mother's face
But most of all true friends and close family
Makes the ground my favorite place to be

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