August 19, 2010

Day 227 - Journey of Quality

Well now you may see something else
Than what I am trying to say
Considering this picture is longer than
The time you have in a day
Or so it seems to walk and spin
As you let time on the wind, rush in

In a straight line on into complete infinity
We can walk from the end to the beginning
Or in reverse if you prefer, anything is possible
Once you have experienced winning or sinning
Answers are not something you desperately need
Not an opportunity for which you would wish to plead

Walk that journey in your own to shoes
Feeling the pain and calluses on your own feet
That is the splintering of the calm, smooth wood
Meaning you have a chance to be more complete
Completion is blue to blue, shade to shade, one to another
In a connection with the world you could not otherwise discover

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