August 25, 2010

Day 233 - Ancient Everglade

Modern girl, ancient place
So many stories to be told
How we adore you and this place
Framed by your curls of gold
Darkened corners seem to be
The core of this loving mystery

Who is the girl with the smile so wide
In this forest of growing secrets
Do they even have anything to hide?
Before the ageless sun once again sets
Low to bring in even deeper metals
Richer than the most royal of rose petals

Some color seems lost in this memory
Something hiding just below the light
Almost the scent of life so summery
It dares only now to hide from sight
Yet still a memory worth recalling
In the end tipping us down, to falling

Into the arms of another someone again
That this place gleefully whispers of
A haven you will to return to and then
Redefine the boundaries of your love
That are shadowed through rose colored shades
In the most wondrous of all stone formed glades

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