September 22, 2010

Day 261 - Queen of the Stars

Elvish delight in my graceful frame
Kelina is my earth given name
For my name from the stars is so bright
The mere sound would keep you awake all night
A thousand composers could forever sit
Hoping to create music that would master it
Only to find this impossible
Even with every note pure and full
You may call me a ghost but that would be wrong
I am the beginning and end, all music in song
I am the muse they cannot release
Without my existence, imagination would cease
I am beyond what a story said once long ago
Black as ash at times, I enter as white as snow
For here in this place you call that pure
So white I am for this planetary tour
This is just a freeze frame in a dream
I am much more than here I seem
I am the black surrounding my body
And the whispering in the tree
I am all that one may view near and far
I am even you, and also that distant star

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