September 25, 2010

Day 264 - Sunflower Fields Fading

The years grow shorter and tired now
Petals close upon memories that set with the sun
Away from the summer light life pulls you
Your own princess begins her journey
And your energy is used up helping her
As she bursts into bloom the way all children do
It is your laughing husband spinning his daughter about
When you return to your quiet sunflower fields
It is making way for life, as it surrenders its own

You are still learning from this place even today
Wrapped in a cardigan in hopes of not fading with the wind
Your precious flowers have had a long life of brightness
They with time grow less stocky and you find yourself following suit
You show your daughter how to eat the delicious seeds
And she laughs out loud, shaking them for music, growing faster every day
You slide some seeds under her pillow tonight, for sweet dreams
And under your own as you used to save pressed petals in your books
Planning to take them out to bring your field to life again, you smile

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