October 3, 2010

Day 272 - This I Believe אַנִי מְאֲמִין

This I believe אַנִי מְאֲמִין
I stand for secrets unseen
Moments that fade to deepest gold
Tales, tugging at pens, to be told
From the heart of a holy place
Without regards of religion or race
Bonds that break such boundaries
Completing the unity in communities
Across the world and all around
The sweet, true, filling sound
Of songs that fly in peace
So that horror shall decrease
As צְדָקָה justice strongly thrives
Echoing הַתִקְוָה the hope of our lives
אָנֹכִי מְאֲמִינָה this I believe
Into our hearts joy we shall weave

Author's Note:
The Hebrew found in this poem is placed beside its English equivalent, each time. However for our non-Hebrew speakers/readers I have a placed below direct translations and transliteration. (in transliteration i = ee)
Also note Hebrew is read from left to write, to accommodate this the poem is posted using a center margin. Both the male and female equivalents were used in Hebrew to state unity in the poem.

אַנִי - I (modern Hebrew) ani
אָנֹכִי - I (anceint Hebrew) anochi
מְאֲמִינָה - believe (female) m'a-minah
מְאֲמִין - believe (male) m'a-min
הַתִקְוָה - the hope (הַ proceeding a word means "the") ha-tikvah
צְדָקָה - charity, (from the core of the word justice) tz'dakah

Finally dedicated to Genesis and BIMA at Brandeis 2010 and especially Shimshon, for his Hebrew help.
~The Poet

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