October 16, 2010

Day 285 - Then You Came Along

Honestly I stopped looking, long ago
For that bright piece of my day, that glow
But lying next to you I begin to see
Just how wondrous the small things can be.
That strand of pink in your hair
Causes me, daily, to stop and stare
At the golden partners surrounding it
My heart comes more alive in my chest, pounding it
In a smooth rhythm you would adore
So I sit down at your piano once more.
Your piano keys play the strings of my heart
My fingers find the right ones and start
To lay down all the wonders there
Of how you and I became a pair
Notes are expressing it just right today
And so louder and louder I begin to play
To awaken you gently from sleep, sunshine
How blessed I am to call you mine.

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