October 27, 2010

Day 296 - The Alternate Plane

Here the sun is leaving, clad in gold
As it has for eons, since days of old
Calling upon shadows to take its place
Floating in on the wind, soft as lace
Darkness blankets the trees to start
The sun sinks to the horizon's heart
To be held as the night's prize
Inspiring melodies for the lullabies
Every star wishes to shine as the sun
With their twinkling hope they stun
But only after the sun has sunk deep
Does the world sing us to sleep.

Here the day begins anew
Sun twinkling upon the dew
Bridge calling to be crossed now
A cordial greeting, with a bow
To show reverence for this wonder
The shining light we thrive under
The gray fluffy clouds here and there
That remind us to stop and stare
At even the shadows of this paradise
Inhaling every perfume andspice
Richer in this this vibrantly alive place
As precisely designed as a piece of lace
Is formed by a kind and loving creator
All reflected in the canvas of water.

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