October 26, 2010

Day 295 - Lines in the Air

Follow that line into oblivion
We can travel anywhere
Somewhere no one else has found
We can walk off until the horizon shrinks
Because we have met a corner of the world

We made it all the way to the top
Of this sphere that is always turning
And the tiny icicle like clouds
They are each filled to the brim (and beyond
Their fluffy borders), with magic undiscovered

Today someone set the world afire
And burned our memories with beauty
That is inconceivable except
To those who have gazed into your eyes
That are emerald majesty, deeper than any ocean

We met with the crossroads of life
And watched as the world sped about
All in a hurry to go somewhere else
But you and I sat happily in the moment
As we took another breath and

Looking heavenward we stared in awe
As some fanfare of wonder sounded
Blessing those who took the moment to hear it
Lines of music paper crossing the skies
To impress tunes here and beyond

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