December 6, 2010

Day 336 - Letter Writing

Prompt me please in everything that I do
What would I be without silly things like you?
That tell me to place my money right here
As if buying the gift card didn't make that clear.
And then I wonder what if I wanted to write a letter?
One with swirling script and passionate tone
Wouldn't that be so much better;
Or would you direct me to my phone?
To type a message without any grammar
Because love should be spelt with a "u"
Only olden days people would write a letter
But I staunchly declare that is not true.
My gift is the words I have to share
So I shall cross out that little phrase
There is endless vocabulary to show I care
My letter may just go on for days.
So greeting card companies better think twice about that line
Because it will belong in no letter or greeting of mine.

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