December 13, 2010

Day 343 - Wishing Wall

If I could just click my heels together
And disappear off to a dream land
All the world would fade for this moment of forever
I could be the singer of every band
The painter of every canvas
Defenders of the great and small
The keeper of every kiss
So that is what I ask you for wishing wall

One day years later he came walking on by
And saw all wishes that I made once upon a time
He saw the ones painted as blue as the sky
The words that only came out in rhyme
He added to them and became the giver
Of the kisses I always hoped for, wishing wall
His smiles and rhymes make me happily shiver
Nowadays we show you to our children so small
And they each add pictures to you with wishes all their own
They will do the same with their children when they are grown

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