January 25, 2010

Day 21 - Forgotten Graves

Cracked consciousness keeps on hold
All the stories, which were untold
You strode by and gazed into that drain
On another day I might have found you insane
And yet the look within your brown eyes
Hinted at secrets that were much more wise
I was not to know then what would lie in store
I just forgot for a moment all that had happened before
The tears that had stained this quiet place
Making permanent residence on my face
Unmarked graves strewn around our feet
Should have been a horrid place to meet
But your belief in humanity and hope
Helped me to slowly learn how to cope
With all the names that had been forgotten here
Neglected and faded away year after year
For when I found you here in this forgotten wood
And we cared for this holy site, best as we could
We mended the garden until blooms covered the ground
We filled this place with joy, so prayer was the only sound
I found my love was waiting only to find your sweetness
And now each day together, this place we still bless

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