January 26, 2010

Day 22 - Birth


Glowing so bright and enter new life
This right here is where it all begins
There it not yet the taste of potential strife
There is no score yet of losses or wins
Instead I have hardly begun to be
I am the growing and changing you see

Reflected against black and white thought
I am still learning just how to exist
There is so much to learn and be taught
I am discovering what one can do with a fist
Either you find yourself holding the most important thing of all
Or bringing anger into the mix and making a bad call

I am only light which can bring possibilities
Behind me there are solid walls and below me floor
I have no truths yet or responsibilities
I am still looking for the key to the first door
It is only a beginning to this absolute brilliance
There is still so much to discover of my new existence

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