January 24, 2010

Day 20 - Light Revelaed

Light Revealed

Who breathes in such beauty so pure?
To all the hatred and violence is there a cure?
It seems to vibrate within the rushing air
Calling in ancient tongues, the true pair
We are the healers of time, coming in shades of blue
Mine is the swirling rhyme, seen within every hue
Infinity it lies before our eyes hidden entirely
As we spin and create it is the life force existing quietly
Wings carry the time that weaves existence
Into a finely balanced, purely sought essence
When you gaze light overpowers you
And so we are blind to the simple and true
It is the light that we must become
To step away from the raw pain and find the numb
That is where peace learns to live
Where we have no more to give
See the beauty it lives in you
In a great many of us, not only a few
So now that you have seen the view
Is there any limit to what you can do?

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