January 23, 2010

Day 19 - Orb of Love

Orb of Love

I am trapped in the orb do you see?
The brilliant which will not set me free
So I gaze out lost to the earth
Long ago I forgot dreams of rebirth
Now I simply gaze as it all goes by
Love and loss give the living wings to fly
But at last they sit in comfort here once more
Keeping the moment quiet, with a closed door
They do not take a second glance
Just live lives of boredom, or romance
I do not make them think twice
That is how I pay the price
I loved my sorceress, heart and soul
But they turned her black as coal
The day they gazed into our life
Is the day I lost my wife
She spent hours with potions and smoke
I still loved her even when it made me choke
She had the right reasons after all
She was my angel, for whom I sit on the wall
She could not bear if I were to die
So I stay here, eternally I lie
I am immortal or so she can believe
I died the day her last breath did leave
But she had the glory of going above
I stayed right here for our love
I never begrudge her requesting this
Only her embrace and sweet face do I miss
My witch she was one who held everything
Now in my flat ears her voice can ring
But alone here I know, no one knew her
I am her final touch of her art and anger
Left to gaze upon the ceiling
No longer to the stars with feeling
All that remains is my painting
And the endless silent waiting

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