January 27, 2010

Day 23 - Love


Here I begin to bend, anything for my darling
It matters not what shape I might take on later
And though this may seem quite alarming
I would go through hell and back and still wait for her
She holds all that has ever meant anything at all
She creates light even when the hope is so small

You see when she holds me, I know nothing more
There is only now and having her by my side
Nothing matters about later or before
For with me she has chosen to truly confide
How can such an angel breathe next to me?
That I will be forever too blind to see

I have not felt this pure or right since my birth
And that was eons ago or so it seems
That only placed me here on this earth
But she has come straight out of my dreams
To enlighten every moment I exist and live
And for her there is nothing I would not give


  1. Great post. Great poem. Love the project so far.

  2. Thank you so very much for reading and viewing. Glad to hear you are enjoying the project, as much as we are.