January 8, 2010

Day 4 - Madness

Madness I say it spins all around
Never is there an inch where solitude is found
Instead we face off with our fears
Until all hope and honor disappears
We learn to fight, but not to heal
In this world we create with cold steel
Time rushes on without our permission
So we find ourselves in submission
Where we dare to keep nothing sacred
And without ritual we soon build hatred
Only to find that we cannot care more
Asking so silently “what is this for?”

Madness I say it greets you and I
When in the harmless we find a great spy
That peers in daily to watch our routine
And soon we turn harsh, bitter and mean
Only locked by the frame we have built
But drawing more in, with waves of false guilt
Ponder all this and anger you will find
Is only built within your very own mind
What was once no more than a frown
Has now turned entire worlds upside down
Instead of cowering in absolute fear
Open you ears and for once HEAR

Madness I say is all in your head
Built by yourself, not stories you read
No fable or tale I could ever compose
Would make a man doubt what he thinks he knows
You are the master that you so desperately crave
In the mirror the man to be saved, you can save
Just take a moment to look for the good
And soon you will find just what you should
That glaring off at your own reflection
Is only the path to further misdirection
Instead you must smile and say
“How best can we enjoy this glorious day?”

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