January 9, 2010

Day 5 - Paths of Promise

Paths of Promise
Find your own way, but please do not follow
There is so much hope in the morrow
For your will can twist the path
Avoid the dark and possible wrath
Down this road lies mystery
In all that you may never see
Yet footprints wash away you know
With every fresh layer of snow
Lost is all the truth found before
When cold dwells and grizzlies snore
Shadows cannot pierce this light
That is found in layers of white
But tire tracks they smear their mark
Curves upon the road so dark
Putting life into the smooth concrete

The rules with which man tried to compete

Which never disappear from this earth

Yet we try to deny them from birth

That which makes the sun shine gold

That which has been around since times of old

It holds that the cat shall proudly walk

And that some birds may try to talk

These things we as humans shall never master

Even if our cars can go faster

Nothing is as brilliant as a proud steed

Or the power held in a single seed

So walk in footsteps made earlier today

Or the road so that you cannot stray

But know that nothing stays just so

Not on a day of pure white snow

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