January 7, 2010

Day 3 - Eye of the Beholder

Whispers of dread fill the dull sky
Fading between lines of slumbering trees
Farther away you hear a small cry
That is brushed away on a gentle breeze
This wintry wonder holds not an ounce of hope
It refuses your pleas to find a method to cope
With the nightmares that never cease
Rather mere wisps of light fill your view
They are dwarfed by despair and lack peace
The darkness shrouds all else from you
But now it changes as we look for the white
You can just feel the coming of light
Far in those trees the crying has come to a halt
You find a small smile playing softly on your face
Someone has labored to stop the sad fault
And release the anger that had in kindness no place
You appreciate now the darkness as serene
Knowing the glory in what is heard, though unseen

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