January 10, 2010

Day 6 - Beauty Believer

Dedicated to Simone
Beauty Believer

Messages burnt into parchment so old
With hidden secrets that whisper just right
Forgotten tales that wish to be told
Of the angry and long lasting fight
Fear grows like flames in the hearth
Begging for the redeeming birth

Poetic love letters remain unread
Holding the key to the resolution
They remain within the bark instead
As time grows around, a true infusion
Of the power that love possesses
And the memory of final caresses

The circle burnt just so is an ancient brand
Making the small town's legacy
They had owned the many acres of land
And built the endless shops and famous library
But at the edges burned in the lighter shade
Was a memory that few would not let fade

It was the mark of a small family farm
That catered to those of higher worth
They kept the legacy far from harm
But were naturally of inferior birth
So when the love was made between two
There was not much the families were willing to do

So this was the last mark the lovers dare leave
Within the tree that kept them so safely hid
In a better time they could not believe
So on their memories they closed the lid
And left no other visible traces
Except perhaps the lost looks on their faces

But such stories last long after we die
And even after our children fade away
They are stronger than the word of you and I
And have a great many more things to say
But twisted in tree trunks that out live us all
That is where the final one will begin to fall

It starts with a swift glance and sweet joy
And a dance with skirts just a-twirl
With the interested eye of a young boy
And the smile so kind on the clever girl
Then the young soul comes along all aglow
With nothing but a bright heart to show

And he is then ready to search for beauty
When in his world her light is shining
He finds a story that spurned from duty
Though the language has a way of reminding
Him of the love he holds for his darling
Something so pure, he found in falling

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