January 11, 2010

Day 7 - Well Wishes

Preface: My sister had an ingrown toenail which became infected, so today she had surgery on it. She's been stuck on the couch all day and must keep her toe elevated. The Poet tells me that this poem is dedicated to her, in hopes that she feels better soon.

Books whisper warm wishes to the healing
As the pills hope to encourage rest
Caring mothers ask "how are you feeling?"
And the chicken soup smell is the best
It warms your soul as the heat rises
Cuddly and safe you await surprises
They come in the shape of many letters
Which tell you that we miss you so
Amongst a pile of "do get betters"
So that we can again play in the snow
But one holds special meaning its true
One that holds a list of things we'll do
"First we will draw flowers on that cast
Just to make sure you smile wide
Next we will keep you healing fast
So that you feel good in and outside
Then we will depend on your special attention
Who gets the prize and who the honorable mention
Because we will now put on a play for thee
That casts you as the glorious queen
She shall play the maid bowing to your majesty
While their is a jester juggling in-between
Now you may choose your very own king
Or prince if you prefer to rule over everything"
You smile as you see that friends surround you
Lining shelves as well as kind notes
They will go high and low to find you
Putting on jackets and long coats
Making sure that everything is just right
Until that silly cast is long gone from sight

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