February 3, 2010

Day 30 - Screen Saver Secrets

Do not come closer you may not see!
Why are you invading my privacy?
This is for my eyes not yours
Go off and do some of your petty chores
You would not understand if I showed you
Instead you would look right through
The artistic display of what lies before my eyes
You would only look for the saucy surprise
Here typical moments would simply not suffice
But for what is hidden you would pay a steep price
Is it not better if you never express interest?
Stop making yourself into such a pest!

My hands are on the keyboard in plain sight!
Why do you look at me as if it were a cold dark night?
I am not warming myself up with a pretty word
In fact not a single uncouth sound was heard
Even as I scanned the more graphic of results
I have found in myself not one of the faults
That your eyes accuse me of right in this moment
All your great lines are over and poorly spent
Go back to your own place I am hiding from you
And there is not much left for you to do
Next time you want to join me why do you not ask?
Then I can pretend I was busy with some other task!

1 comment:

  1. To what degree aught privacy be maintained? Is a peek over your shoulder the line, or is it staring? When does curiosity become nosiness?

    There's actually a device on ThinkGeek for hiding your work: the StealthSwitch! http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/usb-gadgets/c8a8/ There's some programs too, but I just find the fact that this even exists to be hysterical.

    If you're doing something you wouldn't want other people to know, that you are so dearly protective of, don't do it in public.