February 10, 2010

Day 37 - Winter or Summer?

Winter or Summer?

You can see little beyond this sight
Ground and air all swirling with the white
That transforms the world into quietness
Of the hustle and bustle there is much less
Each branch with snow it has come accustomed to holding
The sun is taken away to some far off corner for scolding
By Mother Nature who insists loudly
"Now is the season for snow to stay," proudly
Yet far from this all powerful decree
The sun still shines oh so brightly
There Mother Nature has declared it just right
For a breathtaking, hot summer night
Can you imagine a February of intense heat,
Flowers in full bloom smelling so sweet?
That is the way they find it each year
In places that are far away from here
So when you feel chills down to the bone
Remember somewhere there is another tone
There amidst the air is swirling warm light
With little to see beyond that sight

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