February 11, 2010

Day 38 - Drawn to Die

Drawn to Die

I live a simple quiet existence
Not much of it calls for persistence
I am silent and all-seeing
I need no words to describe my being
She lives without much to say
Or so I assume anyway
After all if she was meant to speak
I would have given her a mouth between each cheek
If I tried to express who I am
You would only consider me a lamb
I would rather you took me for sharp
Than for the hands on the harp
Her existence is quiet, barely there
Yet formed with the utmost care
Surrounded by messengers she dare not lead
Her honesty is far too difficult to read
I do not know what it is that I should state
Except that soon I shall bide farewell and dissipate
Scrubbing away all that I knew with a few strokes of pink
I have no true meaning or so the artist tends to think

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