April 1, 2010

Day 87 - The Young Willow

The Young Willow

Dedicated to those who have spent their summers in the Willows.

There is a blessing upon this place
Destined for many an embrace
Of the young hopers and dreamers to come
They shall change the world and then some
With their words they shall spar
Never viewing with anger from afar
But rather taking on justice with pride
The leaders of the kind and noble side
They paint tapestries of peace
Until all fighting shall at last cease
They shall stand side by side hand in hand
To embrace the different and understand
For understanding leads to good things
Such as smiles and trampoline springs
In this future a sweet and precious sight
Holding out through the rain, beckoning light
Yes the young ones will one day be old
Under these willow branches tales will be told
Of how hope was planted and grew
In the hearts of both me and you

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