June 16, 2010

Day 163 - Gross Excess

Too much is never enough
To keep us living in the rough
The chip, the scratch, it was too old
It has been far too long since it was sold
These thoughts plague us into wanting ever more
But watching such behaviors we ask what for?
The music sounds the same from each
Blasting or humming, it has the same reach
Still the same tune and melody
So what is it that we crave, honestly?
The new, the hype, the shiny beeping, buzzing toy
Should be in the hands of every American girl and boy
Or so scream the signs and advertisements that choke
Our society so heavily we can no longer revoke
Our money or insane shopping spree games
Forever trying to buy ourselves the names
That we build up, or hope to in our lifetime
Lost often when we wasted our prime
But you can hopefully say you see progression
A moving economy during our recession
Still I admit we could easily live with less
But then even I, participate in the gross excess

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