September 16, 2010

Day 255 - Net It!

You there! No need to sweat it
I just want you to go out and net it!
Cover that bed in hole-y whiteness
Redecorate your consciousness with brightness

One life can light up the entire Earth
One girl's laughter of extreme mirth
One boy who slept soundly last night
One without a single dangerous bite

Try this net every single day
Instead of the Internet on which we play
Make a difference someone won't forget
Save their life with a net

If any of this sunk into your head
As you lounge in your soft bed
Make someone else feel so warm
Where in bed safety is the norm

You there! Do you finally get it?
Yeah? Then go! Go out and net it!

A note from the Poet-

Dear Reader,
We very rarely attach any statement at all to blog posts. We do for the most part even when posting about something near and dear to us, leave it up for interpretation. Today's post is an exception as it focuses on a specific non-profit called "Nothing But Nets". Nothing But Nets is a global, grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to combat malaria, one of the largest killers of children in Africa. With a $10 contribution, Nothing But Nets provides individuals – from CEOs to youth, professional athletes to faith leaders – the opportunity to join the global fight against malaria by sending a net and saving a life. For more information go to
Wishing you a wonderful day as always,
~The Poet

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