September 15, 2010

Day 254 - Vinyl Child

Dedicated to Ryan
Also to my parents and family who made me into the vinyl child I am

The soothing pop of vinyl
Is the lullaby of my youth
No harsh digital perfection
Only living, feeling, truth

The trust in the music
That flows with life around it
The warble of the folk voice
And the pride to sound it

Here is to the times we lived
In awe dancing to those songs
Growing up on the tunes and artists
Who righted all the wrongs

That buzz and fizz that echoes
Makes me trust in the person there
Strumming life into strings
Beating drums and filling the living air

With lullabies for every being
And for my children when they grow
Spinning, blurring on the turntable
The soothing pop, and hiss so low

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