September 17, 2010

Day 256 - May I Say

May I say I am sorry
For any time your wings gave out
I hope you never worry
Enough that you need pout
I hope that peace follows you
All the days that you live
I support you in all you do
With all the love that I can give

May I say I send blessings
To help you soar up high
Away from all that stings
Into an azure and cloudless sky
And mount upon this peace sign
That is fastened to swinging hope
Reminding you everything is fine
I am here when you need to cope

May I say this pendant here
Was made with you in mind
So that it is eternally clear
That no matter how the road may wind
In shadows or in bright lights
In silvers or glowing gold
May you only see the sweetest sights
And remember the best stories told

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