December 10, 2010

Day 340 - Mauve Memories

They used to only hold majesty
On the throne of Mother Nature, the queen
Lavender lives in a field so misty
Bits of magic living, never before seen
But by the fairies who decorate evenings
In the light of the Moon's cautious sliver
That calls upon the cricket that sings
Of her reign as the ultimate giver
Of mysterious moments locked far away
Within the eyes of ox-eyed Hera, so fair
Laced inside the words that Don Juan would say
Even in the pond that caught Narcissus' stare
Yes, the memories sweet mauves call upon
Bring up emotions of the rarest kind
Over which all of mankind is known to fawn
On which the wickedest spells, bind
Oh, Mother Nature how we revere you
With all of the wonders you reveal to be true

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