April 8, 2010

Day 94 - Circle of Hope

Dedicated to Ravit, for instilling and igniting passion

Circle of Hope

Each stone has a story
A rushing, rhythmic, glowing glory
Of the mountain it used to be
Now washed into the great, wide sea
The circle that you see before you
Let it deeply implore you
To find the answer, in this time
When all anger seems the crime
We shall stand and support the young
For all their songs that are left unsung
Their growth is green and bright,
The truest source of the great light
That will teach peace to every nation
Bringing forth the greatest of elation.
For now we protect them in love
Thanking our lucky stars above
For sending us such wondrous hope
So that youth and joy may elope
Creating the world we all long for
Beginning from the stones' core

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